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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You the Expert?

Imagine this situation:
You were at a tv station, waiting to be interviewed for a job. Then one producer grabbed you and took you to a studio, where you were introduced as an expert and interviewed on live TV watched by millions worldwide.

How do you think you'd handle that?

One man did just fine. Guy Goma was put in that situation by the BBC News 24. He was waiting to be interviewed for a computer job, and one producer mistakenly thought he was Guy Kewne, the editor of, who was actually waiting at the other reception.

Same Guy, different guy.
Yet, he did fine. Sure he was nervous (he initially thought the whole charades was part of his job interview), but then he gathered his confidence and made it through. Convincingly too.
To top it off, Mr. Goma is not even a native english speaker. He started speaking english only 4 years ago.

John Tierney's column in the Herald Tribune on Mr. Goma [1] said:
His performance made it clear that television networks have been wasting money on professional commentators.

Don't we all agree.

Aren't we all sick of all this so-called experts on Indonesian tv channels, talking about things that we all already know, and giving you opinions that even 1st year university students would say "that's it? that's all you've got to say? Even I can say that."

Doctor this, doctor that, PhD this PhD that. Expert in this, expert in that.
If they are so smart, how come they can't make us love them?
Talking heads.

Now we found out that one man with no preparation and no expertise on the subject can do just fine.

Read about Mr. Goma here, here and here.

To watch the interview, click here.

[1] International Herald Tribune, May 22, 2006, page 8


Blogger roi said...'s one of the media power, making ordinary people to become 'somebody'.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

you do realize the media big names for their own credibility and not of the actual quality of their comment. it'll be better to say that Bart Simpson will be appearing instead of Treespotter will be. you know, because they will think more of Bart Simpson.

that's why i'm left floating making comments on your site instead :D

11:22 PM  
Blogger Indi said...

the media is competing to get news and they don't spend time assessing the quality of sources (and experts) anymore.

for indonesia in particular, why does the press always quote roy suryo?

for more info about him, visit:

1:44 PM  

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